Bugani M83 Bluetooth Speaker Review

The Bugani M83 is an affordable Bluetooth speaker that offers good value for under $30. It features two 30W speakers, 24 hours of battery life, IPX5 water resistance and built-in LED mood lighting. While the M83 may not compete with high-end portable speakers in sound quality or features, its rugged design, all-day playtime and thumping bass make it a compelling budget-friendly option for outdoor listening.

Lots of Power, Long Battery Life

For its size and price, the Bugani M83 produces a substantial amount of volume and bass. Its dual 30W speakers with oversized passive radiators pump out rich, full stereo sound that carries well outdoors. The rechargeable 8,800mAh battery provides an incredible 24 hours of constant playback at moderate volume levels. If you need a speaker that can go all day and night, the M83 has the power and endurance.

The M83 is rated IPX5 water-resistant, meaning it can withstand splashing water and rain. Its durable rubber casing protects against drops and impacts. Large volume buttons on top make it easy to control your audio even in low light conditions. And the M83 features built-in LED ground effects lighting that flash along with your music.

Well-Rounded Sound for the Price

While the M83 emphasizes power and bass, its overall sound quality is solid for a budget Bluetooth speaker. The full-range drivers produce clear highs and present mids in addition to potent low-end, resulting in a rich, warm sound signature. The dynamic range could be better, and higher-end portable speakers will outperform the M83 in definition and fidelity. However, for casual listening and outdoor fun, the Bugani M83 provides enjoyable well-rounded stereo sound at a budget price.

For just $30, the Bugani M83 packs a lot of value into its durable frame. Exceptional 24-hour battery life, IPX5 water resistance and thumping volume make it well suited for outdoor listening during parties, camping or at the beach. While its audio quality may not match premium Bluetooth speakers, the M83 offers a pleasing sound and rugged build for the money. For affordable all-day portable sound with mood lighting effects, the Bugani M83 is hard to beat.