Bugani M83 Instructions: A Comprehensive Guide to Using Your New Speaker

If you’ve recently purchased the Bugani M83 speaker, congratulations on your new audio investment! The Bugani M83 is a powerful and versatile portable Bluetooth speaker that boasts impressive sound quality. With its long battery life and durable build, it’s the perfect speaker for outdoor adventures, parties, or just listening to music at home.

To make the most of your new speaker, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to using the Bugani M83. From setting up Bluetooth connectivity to controlling playback and customizing settings, this guide will cover everything you need to know to get started with your new device.

## Unboxing and Setup

When you first receive your Bugani M83 speaker, you’ll find it packaged in a sleek black box that includes the speaker, a micro USB charging cable, an aux cable, and a user manual.

To begin setup:

1. Locate the power button on the backside of the speaker.
2. Press and hold down until it powers up.
3. Turn on your phone or computer’s Bluetooth® feature.
4. Select “Bugani M-83” from available devices that appear under “Bluetooth®.”

After connecting via Bluetooth®, the top LED panel should light up blue indicating successful pairing.

## Basic Controls

The Bugani M83 features several control buttons located on top of its front face. These controls allow users to pause/play music tracks, change tracks forward/backward., adjust volume levels and take calls if required.

Below are instructions on how each button works:

– Power: Hold for three seconds to turn on/off
– Mode: Press once for Bluetooth mode
– Call: Answer/end call
– Volume Up: Press once (+)
– Volume Down: Press once (-)
– Skip Forward Track: Double press right arrow (>>|)
– Skip Backward Track: Double press left arrow (|<<)

## Advanced Controls and Customization

In addition to the basic controls, there are several advanced settings that allow users to customize their listening experience. These can be accessed through the Bugani M83 app available on both iOS and Android platforms.

The app enables users to:

– Customize EQ settings
– Change LED light display modes
– Adjust bass/treble levels
– Share music with others using Party Mode

To connect your smartphone with the Bugani M83 app:

1. Download the app from either the App Store or Google Play.
2. Open Bluetooth settings on your device.
3. Connect to “Bugani M-83” device, if not already connected.
4. Open the Bugani application.

Once connected you are able to customize your audio preferences, lighting patterns, and other features in order to create a tailored listening experience.

## Battery Life

One of the standout features of the Bugani M83 is its impressive battery life. After a full charge cycle, this portable speaker has approximately 40 hours of playtime before needing a recharge.

To maximize battery life, it's recommended that you:

– Reduce volume when possible
– Turn off additional features like LED lights
– Charge via an included micro USB cable

The speaker takes roughly two hours to fully charge and will indicate full charge by shutting off one of its LED bar indicators at top panel while charging.

## Troubleshooting Common Issues

While rare, some issues may arise when using your Bugani M83 speaker. Below are potential solutions for common issues:

* Issue: Speaker won't power up.
* Solution: Make sure correct button is being pressed/held; ensure that it's charged.
* Issue: Connectivity problems between devices.
* Solution: Ensure Bluetooth® is turned on for both devices; try restarting them; clear out any connecting histories saved between devices and re-pair them again starting from the beginning.
* Issue: Speaker has static or distorted sound quality.
* Solution: Ensure that the speaker is not too close to other electronic devices; check charging cable for damages or loose connections; try resetting the speaker to its factory settings.

## Conclusion

The Bugani M83 is a powerful and versatile portable Bluetooth speaker that boasts impressive sound quality and long battery life. To make the most of your new investment, make sure you understand how to control your device using its basic and advanced settings, customize it using the Bugani app, and keep it fully charged.

By following all instructions carefully, users can avoid any potential issues with their device. We hope this guide made setting up your new Bugani M83 easier for you – enjoy using your new speaker!