How to Charge Bugani M118: A Comprehensive Guide

If you’re the proud owner of a Bugani M118 Bluetooth speaker, one of the most important things you’ll need to know is how to charge it properly. A fully charged battery ensures that you can enjoy your music for longer periods of time and experience all the features that this high-quality speaker offers. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll show you how to charge your Bugani M118 correctly, as well as provide some tips on maintaining its battery life.

## Charging Your Bugani M118 Speaker

1. Connect the USB cable: To charge your Bugani M118 speaker, connect one end of the USB charging cable to the charging port located at the back of your speaker, and plug the other end into a power source such as a laptop or wall adapter.

2. Check LED lights: Once connected, check if the LED lights are turning on – this indicates that charging has begun. Typically, there are three LED light indicators found in front.

* One green light indicates that charging is less than 33% complete.
* Two green lights indicate that charging is between 33% and 66% complete.
* Three green lights indicate that charging is more than 66% complete.
* All three green lights will turn off once fully charged.

3. Leave it for some time: Let your speaker charge until all three LEDs turn off completely. Typically it takes around four hours for a full charge. It’s worth noting that charging times may vary depending on various conditions such as temperature.

4. Unplug Power Source When Fully Charged: After ensuring all three LEDs have turned off, unplug your speaker from its power source – this will ensure efficient use of electricity and protect both performance and longevity of battery life.

## Tips for Maintaining Your Speaker’s Battery Life

Here are some tips to keep in mind when using and maintaining your Bugani M118 speaker’s battery life:

1. Store Your Speaker in a Cool Place: Heat is the biggest enemy of any battery, so make sure to store your speaker in a cool area when not being used.

2. Use a Surge Protector When Plugging In: Protecting your speaker from sudden voltage spikes ensures that it is protected from damages which can shorten battery life or completely damage the device.

3. Avoid Overcharging your speaker: Although some devices now have the functionality for detecting and automatically stopping charging once full. To be safe, charge only until you see all three LED lights turn off.

4. Keep The Battery From Draining Completely: Just as overcharging can be detrimental, draining your battery completely will also decrease its performance over time. Always try to keep it at least half charged before storing it away.

## Final Thoughts

Charging your Bugani M118 Bluetooth speaker is easy with the right knowledge and proper care steps, but keeping it fully charged is essential to get the most out of this high-quality audio product. Remember to store it well, avoid overheating and improper usage of voltage sources – following these tips will help keep both your speakers performing for years to come. With good care strategies in mind, you’ll be able to enjoy crystal-clear music without any interruptions!