How to Pair Your Bugani Speaker and Get the Best Sound Experience

Nothing beats enjoying your favorite music with a high-quality speaker. It is even better when you can do so from anywhere, whether indoors or outdoors, without any wires tangling around you. Bugani speakers provide excellent sound quality that enhances your listening experience.

However, before you can enjoy this sophisticated piece of technology, you need to understand how to pair it with your device. In this article, we will discuss the steps on how to pair your Bugani speaker and get the best sound experience.

Why Choose Bugani Speaker?

Bugani Speakers come highly recommended by many audiophiles due to their exceptional sound quality, durability, and portability. They are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use as they have a waterproof rating of IPX5-7. This means that they are water-resistant and dustproof.

If you love hiking or camping outdoors but still want to listen to music without cutting corners on sound quality, Bugani has got you covered. Their speakers have a long battery life that can last for up to 40 hours of continuous playtime.

What You Need

Before pairing your device with a Bugani speaker, ensure that your speaker is fully charged, powered on and put into pairing mode (indicated by a flashing Bluetooth light). Next, ensure that the device you wish to connect (phone/laptop/tablet) has its Bluetooth turned on.

For Android users – Go to Settings > Connections > Bluetooth then toggle it on.

For iOS users – Swipe down from the top right corner of the screen or go to Settings > Bluetooth > Toggle On.

How To Pair Your Device

  1. Turn On Your Audio Device: Ensure that your smartphone or tablet is turned on and in range of your Bugani speaker.
  2. Activate Pairing Mode: Press and hold the Power button until it enters pairing mode which will be indicated by a flashing Bluetooth light.
  3. Search and select: On your device, search for available Bluetooth devices by going to Settings > Connections> Bluetooth. Wait for the name ‘BUGANI M83’ to appear on the list of devices found, then select it.
  4. Pair: Once you have selected the Bugani speaker device, click on ‘Pair’. In a few seconds, your audio device should connect to your speaker.

How To Use Two Speakers

Bugani speakers allow you to pair two speakers at once to give you an immersive stereo sound experience. Here is how:

  1. Power on both speakers: Ensure that both speakers are powered and in range of each other.
  2. Turn them into TWS mode (compatible with versions after September 2020): Hold onto the Volume + button and press down twice repeatedly until the lights start blinking rapidly.
  3. Pairing: Open the Bluetooth settings in your phone or other devices you may want to pair with and look for ‘M83 (L) or M83 (R). Connect one speaker with "M83(L)" and another paired speaker with "M83(R).
  4. Play Music: After pairing successfully, you can now play music from any preferred music streaming app.

Your audio experience will now be transformed as the sound fills around you from every corner.

How It Enhances Your Listening Experience

Having learned how to pair Bugani Speaker with your audio device correctly, here are some tips on maximizing its quality.

  1. Choose optimal placement – place a single speaker closer to walls/ obstructions if possible because they can help reflect sounds back towards you thus amplifying bass levels and clarity.

  2. Equalizer settings – Most music apps come equipped with equalizer settings where users can customize their sound preferences just as they like it.

  3. Avoid multi-tasking while listening – When trying to get lost in great tunes, avoid doing tasks that require massive cognitive effort. Doing so can detract from the listening experience.


Bugani speakers are sophisticated pieces of technology with excellent sound quality that provides a remarkable audio experience. Knowing how to pair your Bugani speaker with your device is essential, and it can make all the difference in optimizing your sound quality.

With these easy steps on how to pair and maximize your sound quality, you can rock to your favorite tunes, wherever you are. Get ready to immerse yourself into an incredible world of high-quality sound with Bugani Speaker!