The Ultimate Guide: Bugani Speaker M90 Manual Explained in Detail

Are you the proud owner of a Bugani Speaker M90 and looking for a comprehensive manual to unlock all its features? You’ve come to the right place! In this detailed guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about your Bugani Speaker M90 – from setting it up to maximizing its performance.

Unboxing and Setting Up Your Bugani Speaker M90

When you receive your Bugani Speaker M90, you may find it securely packaged with the speaker itself, charging cable, user manual, and any additional accessories. Before using your speaker for the first time, make sure to fully charge it using the provided cable.

To power on your Bugani Speaker M90, locate the power button usually found on the top or side of the speaker. Press and hold the power button until you see the indicator lights illuminate. Once powered on, your speaker is ready to connect!

Connecting Your Devices

The Bugani Speaker M90 supports various connectivity options such as Bluetooth, auxiliary input (AUX), USB, and TF card. To pair your device via Bluetooth, activate Bluetooth mode on both your speaker and smartphone/tablet. Search for available devices on your mobile device and select "Bugani Speaker M90" from the list of available devices.

For wired connections using an AUX cable or USB connection, simply plug one end of the cable into your device’s audio output port (headphone jack) and the other end into the corresponding port on the speaker. The TF card slot allows you to play music directly from a microSD card inserted into the designated slot.

Navigating Functions

Your Bugani Speaker M90 features intuitive controls that allow you to adjust volume levels, skip tracks, pause/play music, answer calls (if supported), and switch between different modes easily. Familiarize yourself with these controls by referring to the user manual provided with your speaker.

Additionally, some advanced functions may require specific button combinations or long-press actions. Explore these functionalities to make full use of what your speaker has to offer.

Optimizing Sound Quality

One of the standout features of Bugani Speaker M90 is its impressive sound quality. To optimize audio performance based on your preferences, experiment with different EQ settings if available. Some speakers offer preset modes such as indoor mode, outdoor mode, bass boost mode etc., which can enhance your listening experience based on where you are using them.

You can also adjust individual sound parameters like treble and bass levels manually if customization is important to you. Find a balance that suits your taste by tweaking these settings until you achieve an optimal listening experience.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting Tips

To keep your Bugani Speaker M90 in top condition, handle it carefully and avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures or moisture. Clean its exterior gently with a soft cloth and avoid using harsh chemicals that could damage its surfaces.

If you encounter any issues like connectivity problems or unusual sounds coming from the speaker while in use, refer to troubleshooting tips provided in the manual. Common solutions include resetting Bluetooth connections , checking battery level ,and ensuring proper positioning of speakers among others .

Remember that regular maintenance along with following manufacturer’s guidelines will help prolonging life span of this powerful accessory .


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