What is bugani comune di bologna?

Bugani comune di bologna is a municipality in the province of Bologna, in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. The town is located about 10 kilometers southwest of Bologna. As of 2016, the municipality had a population of 3,849.

The town’s name is derived from the Latin word “buganeus”, meaning “ox”. The town is known for its ox-drawn carts, which are used to transport goods around the town.

The municipality of bugani comune di bologna includes the villages of Bugano and Masone.

Bugano is the largest village in the municipality and is home to the town hall, church, and elementary school. The village is located on a hill and has a panoramic view of the surrounding countryside.

Masone is a smaller village located in the valley below Bugano. The village is home to a grocery store, bar, and a few houses.

The municipality is bordered by the municipalities of Crevalcore, San Lazzaro di Savena, Castel Maggiore, and Anzola dell’Emilia.

The economy of the municipality is based on agriculture and tourism. The municipality is home to a number of farms that produce grapes, olives, and wheat. The town is also a popular destination for tourists who come to see the ox-drawn carts and the beautiful countryside.


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2. The town of bugani comune di bologna
3. The municipality of bugani comune di bologna
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